Postdoctoral Fellow Supervised

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

In progress (2015 – Curr), supervised

Doctoral Students Supervised

Mr. Thakkar Rohankumar Jayeshkumar

Doctoral in progress (2015 – Curr), “Development of Constitutive Model for Elastomers under Tension-Compression Loading”
Mr. Madhukar Somireddy

Doctoral in progress (2015 – Curr) “Multiscale Modeling of Additively Manufactured Materials”
Ms. Minha R. Ha

PhD Mechanical Engineering (2016- Curr) “Socio-technical integration in design learning; role of engineer identities and design philosophies in the learning processes”
Awards: Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology
Interest in: student mentorship; sustainability; bioethics

Master Students Supervised

Mr. Mohamed Abdelhamid

Master in process (2015 – Curr), “Architectural Metamaterials using Additive Manufacturing Technology”
Mr. Diego Moraes
Diego Headshot
(2016 – Curr), Research title: TBD
Mr. Arian Moghaddam

(Co-supervised with Dr. Andrew Maxwell), 2016, Research title: TBD

Visiting Professor(s)

Dr. E. Bonifaz

In progress (2016 – Curr), Visiting Professor

Undergraduate Members

Sean Polan

Undergraduate – 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Research
Topic: Axial-torsion fatigue testing system for Elastomers
Akash Oommen
Undergraduate – 3rd year Mechanical Engineering
Topic: Kolsky Bar Apparatrus; Compression and Tension testing
Arslan Javed

BSc, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering
Topics: Equibiaxial Tension Machine and Testing Apparatus Interest in: Renewable Energies
Chukwubuikem Johnson Omeziri
Farouk Wahsh
 Bsc, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering
“The Effect of High Strain Rate on the Piezo Properties of Elastomers with Carbon Nanotubes”

Visiting Research Trainees

Ms. Sara Kapuscinska

AGH University of Science and Technology
Rybnik, Poland
May 2017 – August 2017
“Dynamic Properties of Materials/Pulse Shaper for Engineering Applications”
Mr. Edouard Gaschet

Mr. Edouard Gaschet
CESI Saint-Nazaire Grand Ouest, Ecole d’Ingénieurs
Nantes, France
May 2017 – August 2017
“Investigating Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fibre”


Mr. Muhammad Salman Chaudhry

Masters, MSc. Space Engineering 2014 – 2016
Topic: “The Characterization of Engineered Elastomers at High Strain Rates”
Present: Research Assistant, IDEA-LAB, York University
Dr. Taisiya Sigaeva

February 2015 – April 2016, supervised
Topic: Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Elastomer Nanocylinders; Multiaxial Fatigue of Elastomers, Arterial Wall Mechanics. Development of a Thermal Energy Storage engineering case study.
Present: University of Alberta, Alberta
Dr. Andrew Lambe

September 2015 – August 2016
Supervised Topic at York: Adaptive Mesh Refinement Approach to Structural Topology Optimization
Present: Postdoctoral Fellow at Polytechnique Montréal