We hope that you will find our Design activities of interest to your career.

The IDEA-STUDIO offers you an exciting and unique opportunity to experience real industrial design problems. These are dedicated to both undergraduate and graduate, engineering and non-engineering students.

Dr. Czekanski has over ten years of industrial experience especially in design engineering with keen understanding of automotive business and financial operations. His interests include design and development of light-weight structures for aerospace and automotive, design optimization of aerospace and automotive systems, mechanics of materials and manufacturing processes characterization.

Given the opportunity created by the establishment of a brand new professional engineering school, Dr. Czekanski plans to integrate design into the learning experience from the ground up.

Immediately the curriculum for the first year in engineering will be adapted to teach students design thinking from their first days as undergraduates.


The Lassonde Design Studio mission is to:

• Improve design education through various in-class, out-of-class activities and design and development projects;

• Equip undergraduate and graduate students with a multidisciplinary education including the technical and non-technical skills necessary to become successful design engineers;

• Develop a wide range of product and process concepts for our community and industrial partners;

• Collaborate with industrial partners as well as with other educational institutions; and

• Advocate for design engineering within the University and beyond by opening connection and collaboration towards establishing the Lassonde School of Engineering as a future hub for innovative design engineering among academia, the community and industry.